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Empower other woman to unleash their inner badass.
Every woman deserves to wake up to a life that they love every single damn day.

About three years ago, I found myself lying on my bedroom floor broken and sobbing.


I had just landed a promotion that I just wasn’t ready for. I was becoming a band director and person I didn’t want to be.  I was confused, I was angry, I was lost and I was just frustrated with my life. I started to yell at my students and behaved in ways I later regretted. Rather than follow my instincts, I followed what other people said.

I had reached a crossroad. There were two ways my life could pan out: I could continue down this angry & lost path and never grow or I could face my problems head on and create a new path.

Through little things at first, such as creating a morning routine, I began to view this phase of life as an opportunity to redefine what made me feel fulfilled. I began to read, and meditate and create affirmations. Every day that I chose to wake up early to prepare myself positively for the day, I could feel my confidence and awareness increasing. Through the simple act of giving time to myself, self-reflecting and allowing a mental and physical space to heal, I was becoming a calmer, happier and more patient version of myself. Finally, life was starting to open up.

Fast-forward a bit.

Now, I look at each new day as an opportunity to grow and learn. I don’t have to live with anger. Instead, I have a confidence I never thought was possible that translates seamlessly to my classroom. Rather than becoming frustrated with students or losing their trust, my soul expands when I teach. Through the simple act of assessing my personal life and making some integral changes, my life at work has changed for the better - students in the marching band respect me, are coachable and work hard.

In reflection, the current fulfillment I feel in my life started from a place of darkness. It took time, research and self-reflection to get to the positive place I am now.

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